Financial & Dental Insurance Options

Dental care can be expensive, and our dentist and team at Hatch Family Dentistry do not want your budget to be an obstacle to receiving quality dental care. We offer several financial options to help meet your needs, and will work with you to create a payment plan that meets your needs.
We are in-network with many dental insurances and will accept most dental insurance providers. If you have questions about your specific dental insurance, please contact our practice to speak with a member of our team.
Credit Cards

Membership Discount Plan

(for patients without insurance)

Adult/Child Membership

  • 2 Professional dental cleanings
  • 2 Standard Dental Cleanings including a check up series of x-rays (4 bitewings and 2 single x-rays)
  • 1 set of checkup x-rays (Does NOT include a full mouth series of x-rays, panoramic film or additional x-rays ordered by Dentist)
  • When a full mouth series of x-rays are taken (18 single x-rays) a $146.00 cost is discounted to a fee of only $50.00
  • 75% Discount on the first 2 Periodontal Maintenance cleanings (standard 25% discount will apply thereafter)
  • 25% Discount on recommended Cosmetic, Periodontal, and Major procedures
  • Payment in full required at time of each service
  • No discount for the following procedures:
    Nitrous, IV Sedation and any medications provided in our office. lnvisalign and Enhanced Upgraded services (this also includes any lab fees)

    This is a NOT an insurance plan. This plan is only available to uninsured patients. You are welcome to use Care Credit to pay for treatment. Benefits are non-transferable and non­-accruable between successive 12-month terms. This agreement will last for one year, starting on the date this agreement is signed. You will be asked to provide an updated card number and sign a new agreement at each 12-month interval. The staff at Hatch Family Dentistry is dedicated in giving you the best care you deserve. We are passionate about providing a fun-loving and relaxed atmosphere every time you visit our dental office!
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