Teeth Whitening

Do you want to increase your self-confidence? If you feel embarrassed about your yellowish or brownish teeth, what you need is  teeth whitening.

What Causes Teeth Discoloration?

Why do teeth become stained and discolored? The most common culprits are:

  1. Fluorosis. This condition is due to excessive consumption of fluoride, usually seen during childhood. The teeth may have yellow spots and an etched appearance.
  2. Teeth-staining foods. Coffee, red wine, spaghetti sauce, and other brightly colored foods and beverages can stain the teeth when consumed regularly over time.
  3. Smoking. Smoking is one of the biggest causes of teeth stains, with the discoloration not improving unless the patient stops smoking altogether.
  4. Amalgam fillings. These dark silver fillings corrode over time
  5. Internal decay. A tooth with deep decay will slowly turn grayish and eventually become noticeably darker than the rest of the teeth.
  6. Drugs and medications. Tetracycline and similar drugs have a staining effect on teeth. These are common antibiotics which may be taken even by children, causing early tooth discoloration. Drugs for high blood pressure, and allergies (antihistamines) may also discolor teeth.
  7. Illnesses. Some diseases may affect the health and integrity of the tooth enamel, causing significant discoloration. Likewise, treatments for major illnesses such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy also affect tooth color.
  8. Orthodontic treatment. Prolonged use of metal braces can affect the color of teeth, requiring teeth whitening after treatment.
  9. Poor oral hygiene. Irregular brushing habits can allow plaque buildup on the tooth surface, creating a yellowish coating on teeth.

Why Do I Need Teeth Whitening?

Some patients may think that it’s unnecessary to get teeth whitening because it’s a purely aesthetic procedure. However, with teeth whitening, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

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  • You will have more confidence to smile, talk, and laugh.
  • You won’t be afraid to meet and talk to new people.
  • You won’t have to worry about people judging your dental appearance.
  • People will admire your smile and it will become one of your best assets.
  • You will feel healthier, both orally and holistically.

The effects may also vary from person to person, but the physical, social, and psychological benefits of teeth whitening are typically observed in most patients.

What Teeth Whitening Solutions are Available?

Depending on your budget and the severity of your teeth discoloration, you may get any of the following teeth whitening solutions:

Dental Trays and Whitening Kits

Dental trays are similar to mouth guards, but they are worn over the teeth with bleaching agent. At Hatch Family Dentistry in Tempe, we make custom-fitted dental trays and prescribe only the best and most effective bleaching agent to optimize the effects of whitening.

Dental trays are long-lasting and can be used repetitively. After a couple of years, you may use the dental trays again for teeth whitening. It’s a great investment especially if you have genetic tooth discolouration problems.